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FullRange CRM Consulting puts you in charge of your business information and processes that help grow your top line!
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Here's what we do.

FullRange CRM Consulting provides professional consulting services that bring together diverse business programs to increase efficiency in your lead management, sales, marketing and general business process automation.

FullRange CRM Consulting puts you in charge of your business information and processes.
We build tailored systems to automate manual tasks, giving you more time to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

We have deep expertise in business technology, enabling us to offer personalized and unique solutions to your business requirements. Our team is standing by to answer your questions.

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This is how we work.

FullRange CRM consulting supports your business to keep your business efficient and progressive. We work with you to identify unique requirements and find the right solutions.
We begin with discovery to ensure effeciency in providing the best solutions.

We want to know what has been working in your company and where the shortcomings are most apparent. We then review best options with you and your staff and start the build out of the CRM according to your specifications. CRM programs are incredibly customizable and infinitely scalable, providing unique solutions for the entire range of your customer relationship management needs.

Next we install and develop the appropriate applications.

Whether you require a simple, single-user installation or an enterprise-wide, multiple model deployment, we install and test all programming to ensure that maximum performance is achieved through your network and workstation environment. FullRange builds the custom bridges between your applications to ensure efficiency and reduce user errors.

Finally we train the end-users to become pros, ensuring full capatilization of the investment.

To establish end-user adoptability we focus our training on how to effectively and easily manage and utilize your new unique digital business environment. Our expertise will show you the more advanced features and enhance your workflow without overwhelming the basics.


We begin with discovery to ensure efficiency in providing the best solutions.


Next we install and develop the appropriate applications.


Finally we train the end-users to become pros, ensuring full capitalization of the investment.

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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management
CRM maintains your critical customer information in one centralized database. The implementation of the appropriate CRM will keep your company organized and on track, increasing the ease of sales & marketing, while providing full business insight.
Act! by swiftpage

Act! CRM works like you work. It equips you with a variety of database configuration options, from the lightly personalized to completely customized. Act! allows you to be productive whether in the office, home, or on the road.
On-premise self-hosting and offline use are the foundational benefits of using Act!

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thrird-party ACT! Add-ons

Third Party Add-ons & Apps are an essential and common way to extend the capabilities of any CRM program. FullRange has extensive experience with setting up automated integration of many different add-on apps.
We will identify your unique requirement then provide insight and samples.

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Start with CRM then add in 40+ integrated applications with a few clicks. All in the cloud, customized to fit your business requirements. Integrate with Google, mobile apps and other daily used applications.
If keeping it all in the cloud is a priority at a competitive price, Zoho will deliver. even more than you expect.

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Case Studies

Act! Custom Integration with Accounting System

An electrical supply distributor using Act!, required the sales staff to have up-to-date statistics from their Epicor Prophet 21 accounting system. It is imperative that the  sales team be provided with precisely the last time a customer placed an order, the amount of the order, how much their customers have purchased year-to-date, purchases in the previous year and what their credit rating is of their customers.
P-Through a custom interface FullRange developed, we successfully implemented a link between the two systems that provides around the clock and automatic synchronization of the required data from Prophet 21 into Act!. The interface saves manual steps and eliminates the possibilities of entry input errors, while saving time of opening and searching through several programs.The sales team now have the full business details of their customers in Act!, taking advantage of Act’s easy searching and full visibility for all transactions.

Tracking Commission in Sales Processes
Qualify Web Visitors & Auto-Add Web Form Data into Act!
Outside Sales Personnel Accessing Act!
Outside Sales Personnel Accessing Act!

With 20 sales people traveling across several states to support their clients, having full time access to their database, with or without an internet connection, is vital to this hose and rubber supply company. Each salesperson has their own segmented copy of the master database as a local database on their laptop.
Each salesperson has access to the Contacts assigned to them in specific territories. The managers can view the Contacts and Activities of all the sales people at any time, with reporting capabilities on all the data, while the sales people are limited to their own Contacts. Despite having dependable air cards for their computers, there are times when there simply is no reliable internet connection when visiting and supporting their clients’ project sites. Having a small, segmented local database for each salesperson is exactly the right solution.

Integrate Phone System with act!
Convert ACT! Database to Microsoft Access while Maintaining all Historical act! Data
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