Email Marketing Automation

Newsletters and Website Forms

Marketing Automation is Included with your Act! Subscription. No need to pay extra  or export Contacts out of Act! to an email newsletter program.  The templates, the Contacts of your database and the Results of who Opened, which Bounced or Unsubscribed, is all in Act! at your fingertips.

Newsletters are a simple effective way to communicate with your customers even if only to apprise them of a project or upcoming event.  They are customized with your logo, branding and personalized message to each recipient by first name and/or last name.

Beyond what is included with the Act! subscription are next level options that include the ability to create forms on your website which your customers fill in with that information going into Act! automatically, creating new Contacts or Leads and updating existing Act! data.  This is a powerful time saver allowing your customers to fill in what is needed, knowing your data is up-to-date.

You can choose to track and score customer interactions with your newsletter and website with that scoring in Act! upon which you can create Lookups.

FullRange can set up campaigns, newsletters and forms so it is all turnkey for your business, or, teach a designated person how to work through the steps.

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