Act! is the established CRM that is easy to use, budget friendly and infinitely customizable to suit your particular customer tracking requirements.

FullRange consists of Act! Certified Consultants well versed in adoption, customizations, integration with business programs, repairs, training, and set up on your own computers, or in the Cloud.

Act! is the only CRM still allowed to be installed on your own computer while simultaneously accessing Act! in the Cloud.

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A program that evolves with your business is the ticket to successful insight. As your requirements
change so should your data tracking methods. Fields for data input can be added, deleted or rearranged
to make the most sense for how you conduct your business.

Since the biggest asset of any company is its customers you want to have all your customer data in one
place to easily track the steps of any negotiations eliminating information falling through the gaps.
This will provide “at a glance” pipeline projections, when to expect revenue, the status of projects and
policies, and seeing the intimate details of your best customers to make informed next step business

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10 Signs Your Business Will Benefit with CRM

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