What can Act! Do?

There comes a point in the life of business owners where daily information may seem like it is  lost through gaps and a bit out of control. This is where CRM can make a dramatic, yet easy to implement, difference.

Microsoft Word and Email Mail Merge

Act! CRM includes a powerful document merging capability for print. pdf, and e-mail communications.  FullRange can create or tech you how to create branded communications for your business and users.  Standard templates can include quotes, order forms, policies, proposals, contracts, news bulletins and more.  Data from the information in Act! is merged into the templates with a click of a button, saving time spent on repetitive tasks and repetitive design.

Use the Opportunities in Act! to Develop your Sales Process

Opportunities in Act!  can be customized for your sales process, incorporate your products and/or services, define the Stages or Milestones of your Negotiations, associate with Groups or Companies, and have additional fields  to track your data needed on each sale, project or policy.

With an active Act! Subscription you can manage your sales pipeline with built-in tools  that forecasts revenue,  help you adjust strategy, and view KPIs. These can be filtered to make the most sense for your business.


Act! comes with more than 40 standard reports. Reports can be customized to include custom fields, group, sort, count and calculate results. Custom queries can be developed to choose the Lookup prior to running the report..

FullRange has created highly customized specific one button push reports by integrating Act! with Crystal Reports and with out-of-the box add-on reporting applications.

Link Act! and QuickBooks

Act! Link for Quickbooks can take your business to a new level of efficiency by linking your Act! and QuickBooks software applications together.

Having separate Act! and QuickBooks databases can be a major source of inefficiency and redundant work. An Act! link to QuickBooks provides your sales data inside a tab in Act! on only the computers who need to see it.  

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